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The Values of Plan Monark

Integrity is vital to building trust and maintaining excellent relationships.

We treat each situation with objectivity and diligence to ensure the relevance and neutrality of the diagnosis. We communicate information that is both qualified and complete, which means that it is accurate, contextual, easily accessible and understandable.

Respect, given the need to reconcile the sometimes divergent interests of the many stakeholders.

We, therefore, take care to act with courtesy and discretion in order to develop collaboration which is essential to the accomplishment of each client's goals.

Transparency, because we must always speak frankly, be sincere and be able to justify the suggested actions.

We live out our professionalism, which means we give suggestions that take into account various factors and allow for informed and well-documented decision making.

Simplicity, because each collaborator must contribute knowledge, skills and experience that are accessible to all stakeholders.

We break down execution plans into small pieces to celebrate small successes, one at a time, in a precise, logical and autonomous way.

A proven track record in the banking industry

Are you having a hard time finding effective and adapted solutions for your current projects and your work teams? Are you looking to develop better teamwork within the organization, to implement coherent processes?

Plan Monark was built to provide a clear assessment of human resources, operations and performance management within projects. This assessment is used to determine which modes of action are necessary for maximum implementation as available to organizations.

Active since 2012, Plan Monark is used for ad hoc monitoring of work teams within projects and organizations.

Continuous improvement: how to simplify the process, make it more efficient and accessible to all?

All work teams do their best according to the knowledge they possess. But what if they could do more with a clear understanding of each step they need to take to achieve their goals?

Plan Monark was created for :

  • Managers who want to demonstrate clarity in their meetings. Who want to share a tailor-made path involving their employees in the different propositions.
  • Experts/consultants who are looking for innovative and mobilizing solutions related to business.
  • Managers who want to know the situation on the ground. (continuous improvement projects, business transfer).
  • Consultants looking for new ways to connect with their managers or to keep in touch on an ongoing basis.
  • The work team that wants to mobilize its troops when certain actions are not deployed in the right places at the right time.

Do you want to assess your management activities in remote work, team dynamics, customer satisfaction, digital transformation or onboarding and retention?

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