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In coaching business leaders and hundreds of managers for more than 30 years, the app developer has found that it is hard for people to see the perception gaps between the owners of action plans and the employees following the implementation of solutions.

She has heard time and again that leaders rarely take the initiative to see what is happening on the ground.

This approach gives managers some breathing room by offering them the opportunity to see what is happening on the ground and to collect constructive solutions, allowing them to quickly involve employees in the search for solutions.

With a fluid, state-of-the-art approach, it becomes instinctive to use basic continuous improvement tools to make all types of projects progress well.

Managers now have new change management measures in order to understand and standardize management activities, thereby growing the organization.

Plan Monark is based on the Pulse survey which allows employees to give open feedback in order to improve indicators.

Therefore, a culture of constructive feedback can be established and learning and continuous improvement can be embedded in the company.

This approach regularly asks employees questions regarding the nine management activities that have a significant impact on the execution of the action plans chosen by the organization.

By making the results visible to everyone in the company, employees themselves can identify the potential for improvement within their teams and the company.

In this way, employees can initiate improvement and implement them independently.

The Pulse survey establishes frequent touch points to understand the real-time interaction between the manager and the employees. This allows you to have a better understanding of the reality of your teams, to have a better awareness of the impact of your initiatives and to see what activities the manager should prioritize according to his team.

Being able to follow the evolution of the perception gaps between the manager and his team is essential in order to be able to adapt strategies, communication and actions, if necessary. Comparing the evolution of gaps after paying attention to them allows the organization to quickly identify problem areas and celebrate the efforts made.

We pay careful and rigorous attention to data security and privacy.

  • Application data is stored in data centers with high security levels. Our partner, AWS meets the required RGPD standards and more when it comes to data and location security.
  • We use technical safeguards to protect the integrity and security of your information.
  • All data transmission between your device (computer, cell phone, etc.) and our servers are encrypted with HTTPS (SSL).
  • At Plan Monark we use cryptographic hash functions to protect your sensitive information, such as your password, and we do not store any banking information on our servers.
  • All our survey links are 100% processed in Canada.
  • When the consultation type is “confidential,” responses are presented as aggregate data. The final report is available to all users assigned to the Plan.
  • All our API resources use end-to-end Canadian servers.

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