Develop a shared vision
for an optimal result

Take an objective look at the way you manage teams. Find the best alternatives inspired by contributors' ideas and the resources at your disposal. Invest in the best of each person according to their role, ideas and upcoming projects.

Evaluate your management activities
as a leader

Use the strengths and skills of your employees to exceed your ambitions

Step by step, we will help you understand your situation and determine the best solutions to effectively involve your employees in the execution of action plans so you can achieve your overall goals.

A group of people analyzing a picture.

Save time to accomplish your tasks

Do you ever find yourself going in circles and looking for what's not getting done?

With Plan Monark, you'll find the solutions to the issues you face. You'll generate a reflection workshop to better understand these issues and then draw up a clear execution plan based on the improvement ideas proposed by the collaborators.

Discover the turnkey power of Plan Monark so you can conduct effective and mobilizing meetings with your teams which will ultimately save you time and money.

Save time

Analyze your blind spots

Would you like to find out what management activities you could improve upon from your employees' perspective?

Pour voir s'il y a des écarts entre les responsables et leurs équipes, ou comparer des équipes, nous vous proposons d'utiliser des portraits qui font ressortir la cote de cohérence selon les filtres que vous désirez.

Rapidement, vous pourrez identifier les zones méritant une attention particulière et y remédier automatiquement.

Analyze your blind spots

Prioritize employee engagement and well-being

The attention you give to your team's well-being plays an important role in attracting top talent, retaining and engaging employees.

Use Plan Monark to communcate in a clear and engaging manner with your entire team. Be aware of the talents and skills of each member involved in your projects. Encourage the involvement and success of everyone in your company.

Become the leader you've always dreamed of being.

Employee well-being

Embody change

Do you want to share changes consistently, rigorously and transparently?

Being on the same page as your teams will increase the commitment and motivation of your troops. Help them get to know themselves and overcome their limitations.

Use Plan Monark to solidify knowledge, communication, commitment, consistency and performance for everyone with our nine management activities on our platform.


Sharing best practices and clear, profitable communication with your colleagues

Want to share issues and solutions with your colleagues?

Share the various portraits between action plan owners and have a rich, structured and measurable collaboration as your knowledge increases.

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Do you have all your core management activities in place?

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