Mobilize the collective intelligence of your organization!

Why use Plan Monark ?

  • Quickly obtain a complete view of a given situation
  • Consider the perspective of each individual within their network
  • Bring out the most effective innovative solutions
  • Ensure consistency between strategic and operational levels
  • Implement and follow an appropriate action plan

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The whole team is involved

Have a shared vision to succeed

Choose the contributors and the criteria of a successful outcome to reach the destination outlined in your Plan Monark.

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Team Workshop

Mobilize collective intelligence and get it involved

Let contributors share their points of view by consulting them regularly.

Decentralise decision-making and take proposed solutions into account.

Make changes durable

Ensure buy-in and make the changes durable

Recognise progress and highlight how contributors found solutions.

Exclusive portraits of the perception gaps to prioritize in order to carry it out, involve people in change, and achieve organizational goals.

Get the big picture, be on the lookout for diversity of opinion and make sure you cover all the blind spots.

The higher the consistency score, the more the contributors are on the same wavelength.

Summary Portrait

Access adapted to the different roles to communicate and activate the proposed solutions while improving productivity, potential, and the performance of teams.

Immediate gains in mobilization, efficiency and performance.

Team Mobilisation

Gains in mobilization

Increased buy-in.
Reduced concerns.
Increased employee interaction.
Better communication.
Employee retention.

Efficient Team

Gain in efficiency

Time to prepare meetings.
Time to track skills.
Time to develop tools.
Time to share right priorities.
Implementation time.

Successful Team

Performance gains

Integrated tools.
Equipped managers.
Stakeholder development.
Time to research root causes.

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